Eating Aids for the Elderly

Red large handled fork, knife, and curved spoon.

Many elderly people have difficulties feeding themselves. This can be from declines with aging or as symptoms of conditions. Eating aids can promote independent self feeding. 

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Feeding Difficulty

Older adults may struggle to adequately feed themselves. This can be related to weakness, cognitive declines, or as part of disease progression. 

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Upper extremity fractures 
  • Tremors
  • Visual impairments
  • Dysphagia
  • Generalized weakness 
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathy 
  • Contractures 
  • Stroke
  • Paralysis 

Many may struggle with losing the independence of being able to feed themselves. This can lead to depression, declined intake, and resistance to feeding assistance. 

There are many adaptive eating devices that can assist with self feeding, making it easier, reducing mess, and preserving dignity. 

Eating Aids

Many eating aids are available for the elderly. Adaptive eating equipment can range from special cups, weighted utensils, to modified plates. 


Some older adults may have difficulties drinking out of ordinary cups. Adaptive drinkware can help for a variety of self feeding problems. 

  • Weighted cups and mugs
  • Nosey cups
  • Dysphagia cups
  • Cups with lids and handles
  • Straw holders

Weighted cups and mugs help reduce shakiness. This makes drinking easier and reduces spills. 

Shop my favorite weighted mug here from Amazon. It is insulated to keep drinks at their proper temperature and has a handle for easier usage.

Nosey cups have a cut out at the top so noses don’t get in the way of drinking, if you’re unable to tip your head back. 

Teal nosey cup sitting on a stainless steel surface.

Get your Nosey Cups right from Amazon.

Dysphagia cups, such as a Provale cup, can help limit the amount of fluid that goes into the mouth at one time. This can help reduce the risk of swallowing issues and aspiration. 

These can be especially helpful for those with cognitive problems and can’t remember to take small sips on her own. 

Clear provale cup with blue handles and lid sitting on stainless steel surface.

They come in 5 cc and 10 cc sizes, which refers to the amount of liquid that can come out at one time. Head to Amazon to buy Provale Cups.

Many different cups with different handles and lids are available. These may be easier to handle and drink from in order to improve fluid intake. 

Various drinking aids can also be purchased from The Wright Stuff, along with other adaptive aids.


Fine motor skills can be impacted for the elderly due to arthritis, neuropathy, Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. 

  • Built up utensils
  • Foam handles
  • Weighted utensils 
  • Utensils with grip straps 
  • Curved utensils
  • Plastic ware
  • Small spoons
  • Long handled utensils 
Grip handle spoon, curved built up fork, small coated spoon, built up fork, and built up knife sitting on stainless steel surface.

Built up utensils can be easier to grasp. Or foam can be placed on regular silverware for a similar effect. 

Head to Amazon to get a set of built up utensils. Or get some foam grip tubing to add to not only utensils, but pens, toothbrushes, and more.

Weighted utensils can slow shakiness for patients with tremors and make it easier to get the food to their mouth without spilling. 

Try this weighted utensil set from Amazon. They are suitable for those who are right or left handed.

Other utensils have special handles or grip straps for those with limited dexterity. Get a utensil cuff from Amazon.

All these utensils might be curved to the right or left depending on which hand is dominant to make it easier to get food to the mouth. 

Some may even prefer plasticware since it is lightweight and slim, being able to fit into even contracted hands. Real looking plasticware can be purchased right from Amazon to help preserve dignity.

People with swallowing trouble may need small spoons in order to limit the amount of food they put in their mouths at one time. 

You can also purchase various adaptive eating utensils from The Wright Stuff. 


Special dishware and attachments can assist people with feeding difficulties to get more food onto their utensils. This makes self feeding easier and can improve intake.

  • Divided plate
  • Inner lip plate
  • Scoop plate
  • Plate guard
  • Dishes and bowls with suction cup bases
  • Dycem “placemat” 
  • Colored dishes
Red inner lip plate on stainless steel surface.

Divided plates, inner lip plates, and scoop plates all provide a ledge to help push food onto utensils. This can be especially helpful for those with use of only one hand. Shop all these options on Amazon.

White scoop plate sitting on stainless steel table.

Plate guards can also be used and attached to regular dishes to achieve the same effect. 

White plate guard attached to red plate sitting on stainless steel surface.

Plates and bowls can come with suction cups on the bottom or dycem can be used as a placemat to prevent sliding on tables. Dycem comes in mats or rolls and can be purchased right from Amazon.

People with visual deficits may benefit from contrasting colored dishware. Red plates could increase intake for the cognitively impaired.

Get your adaptive dishware from The Wright Stuff here. 

Importance of Eating Aids

Utilizing adaptive eating equipment can have many benefits for the elderly. 

Practical Takeaways

Adaptive eating aids can help prolong self feeding in the elderly. They also can improve dignity and nutritional intake. 

Many products are available on the market from multiple vendors, so the ability to try various options is as simple as ordering online. Shop The Wright Stuff here. Or order all kinds of adaptive eating devices right from Amazon.

*This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. 

List of eating aids for the elderly.

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