44 Gifts for People with Dementia

Having a loved one with dementia comes with many challenges. Gift giving is a common one, especially as the disease progresses. Let’s explore some gift options for people with dementia, even for those at its later stages. 

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Stages of Dementia

Dementia is a progressive disease impacting the brain and impairing cognition. It is most commonly broken down into three basic stages: 

  1. mild or early
  2. moderate or middle
  3. severe or late.

Mild or Early Stage

In the early stage of dementia symptoms are mild. General forgetfulness, difficulty staying organized, and decreased ability to manage tasks are common. 

Moderate or Middle Stage

Cognitive symptoms worsen in the middle stage of dementia. Remembering new things, making new memories, and planning are especially difficult. 

Reading and writing may be harder. Inability to keep track of time is common. 

Agitation may occur, especially towards the end of the day. 

Severe or Late Stage

In late stage dementia help is usually needed for most activities of daily living (ADLs), including eating. 

People and surroundings are commonly unrecognizable. Conversations are extremely limited, if not impossible. 

Gifts for People with Dementia

Gift giving can maintain normalcy and create positive experiences with families. Not all gifts may be appropriate for every person at every stage of dementia. 

Presents should be tailored to your family members’ needs. Picture gifts may help with memory. Other gifts can be geared towards reducing anxiety and behaviors.

Stick to interests they had prior to their diagnosis. As dementia progresses the difficulty level of these hobbies may need to be altered to decrease frustration. 

Also items that can make their daily life easier and more comfortable can make great gifts. 

Take into consideration where they are in their diagnosis to avoid being offensive with a helpful gift.  

Here are 44 gift ideas for people with dementia: 

  1. Photo collage
  2. Photo blanket
  3. Weighted blanket
  4. Adaptive eating equipment
  5. Personalized cup
  6. Non-skid socks
  7. Fidget spinners
  8. Popits 
  9. Adult coloring books
  10. Puzzle books
  11. Audio books
  12. TV headphones
  13. Simple music player
  14. Aromatherapy
  15. Talking watch
  16. Talking clock
  17. Magazine subscription
  18. Coffee table book
  19. Meal subscription
  20. Grocery delivery service 
  21. Digital photo frame
  22. Smart watch 
  23. Fidget blanket
  24. Lifelike robot pet
  25. Modeling clay
  26. Water painting 
  27. Amazon Echo 
  28. Satin pillowcase 
  29. Body pillow
  30. Magnatiles 
  31. Magnetic puzzles 
  32. Dominos
  33. Soft cardigan 
  34. Tic Tac Toe
  35. Bathrobe 
  36. Birdfeeder 
  37. Medication dispenser 
  38. Wheelchair or walker caddy/bag 
  39. Non-slip placemats 
  40. Zen garden 
  41. Nightlight 
  42. Arm bike
  43. Toiletries  
  44. TV enhancing chair speaker 

*This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. 

Where to Shop

Here are some recommendations for where to shop for these types of gifts.

Photo Gifts

There are many places nowadays to get customizable photo gifts. 

Shutterfly has a wide array of options from photo blankets, collage pictures, mugs, and even puzzles. Their shipping can be on the pricey side. 

You can also make photo collages and other picture gifts at CVS

Buying photo gifts, even personalized ones, is also an option right from Amazon. 

Feeding Assistance

Self feeding can become increasingly difficult for people with dementia. Gifts that can aid in eating are very practical and will be greatly appreciated by caregivers. 

The Wright Stuff has home care products, including adaptive eating equipment. 

There are tons of great options available right from Amazon, from dishware to utensils to drinkware. 

Many of these items are exactly what we use in skilled nursing facilities. Read more about feeding aids here. 

Fidget Gifts

Anxiety is common in dementia. Having simple items to create distraction can be soothing. There are plenty of options such as popits, fidget spinners, or sensory cubes. 

Various colorful fidget toys sitting on a white background.

You can find tons of inexpensive sensory “toys” for adults right from Amazon. 

Fidget blankets are another great option for people with dementia. They can easily be laid out on a table or in their lap. There are various textures and items attached to fiddle with and provide stimulation. 

If you are able to sew, this could be a great handmade option. Otherwise, Amazon has you covered. 

Gifts for Creativity

People who enjoyed arts and crafts can still channel their creativity after their diagnosis and as their disease progresses. 

Look for adult coloring books, puzzle books, modeling clay, or water painting at your local craft store. 

Amazon also has plenty of options. Choose an adult coloring book based on previous interests. 

Water painting can be a relaxing way to be creative without a mess. Here is a great reusable drawing board option. 

Legos or magnatiles can be great for people who like to make things with their hands. I personally like these magnetic tiles, since they do not look so childlike. 

Clothing & Linen

You’ll likely be more successful buying clothing in person. This way you can ensure it is comfortable material that won’t be too restrictive. 

Non-skid socks, oversized sweaters, pull on stretch pants, and soft bathrobes are all great options.

A weighted blanket and/or body pillow may be calming for sleeping and could even reduce falls. 

Daily showering is not likely to be feasible for those with dementia, especially if living in a facility

Satin pillow cases can help keep hair manageable between washes. My favorite brand can be bought right from amazon in various sizes and colors. 

*This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. 

Medical Supplies

Practical equipment that can help with day to day activities make great gifts for older adults with dementia. 

Shop your local medical supply store, The Wright Stuff is an online medical supplier, or buy right from Amazon. 

Wheelchair bags, walker caddies, automatic medication dispensers, and arm bikes can make great gifts to promote independence, especially during early stages.


Toiletries can make excellent gifts for people with dementia, especially those living in facilities. 

Get favorite scented soaps and lotions. Or hypoallergenic options if needed. Non-aerosol dry shampoo is great for maintaining hair between washes. 

Gentle body wipes and whole body deodorant can maintain hygiene between showers. Especially since many people with dementia can be resistant to bathing. 

Try these hypoallergenic wipes from Amazon. And here is my favorite body deodorant. 

*This article contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. 

Gifting Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying gifts for people with dementia: 

  • Stage of dementia
  • Where they live 
  • How independent are they
  • Do they have caregivers
  • What do they need help with
  • What were their interests prior to being diagnosed 
  • Do they experience agitation 
  • Think practical 

Practical Takeaways

Buying gifts for people with dementia can be an overwhelming task. Remember to keep it simple. Oftentimes practical can be best.

Successful gifts can be ones reminiscent of times prior to their diagnosis or things to help with their current daily life and promote independence. 

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